What is this strange meme type thing about tagging people on their webblogs? I'm familiar with this concept through Live Journal, but never via blog.

I guess I learn a new thing via Blogger every day. And with my luck, I'll tag somebody who's already had it.

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Number of books I own:
Considering most of my books are back at home, in boxes, on shelves, and otherwise scattered through the horizon, and many of them I haven't read, I have no idea. Probably well over a thousand. I would think as much. I've got credit up the yin-yang at various used book stores back at home as well. And it is bliss. Ahh. . .

Though I hadn't read many books before coming on this deployment. Yet my minions have been far to kind in providing me with plenty of reading material, once I get around to actually reading them all.

Last book I bought: Death Gate Cycle, books One and Two. But I bought them for somebody else, because he told me that he liked Dragonlance, and anyone that reads Dragonlance has got to read Death Gate Cycle, because its the best series by Weis and Hickman EVER!!!

For me, that would be "drawing People, how to portray the clothed figure", because ever since I took figure drawing I could portray naked people a lot better then clothed people. And being a generally modest person, that makes for some difficulty.

I'm still waiting for it to get here. I should be getting it any time now.

Last book I read: Gallery of Regretable Food, by James Lileks. Considering I've been raving about James Lileks for the last few days, it is no wonder. I got it as a package deal with Interior Desecrations, and this must have been the best 30 bucks i've spent in a long time!

Well, maybe they weren't a package deal, they were just recommended together and I took a chance and bought both. I don't regret it! Everyonce in a while you just got to take a chance!

Five books that mean a lot to me:
You know, I think I answered a question very similar to this one when i posed my "ask me any question" post.

Except it was phrased a little more differently then. It was phrased as "three books influential to your life" and I had a weak answer then and I'll probably give a similiarly weak answer now.

Hmmm. . .

You know, this is a difficult question to answer for a multitude of reasons. One, after my brain hemorrhage last year, my memory is not as good as it once was (and a lot of people go "woah" when I tell them I've actually had Amnesia before)

So I'll give completely random answers. Because these aren't necessarily the books that mean the most out of all books, they are just five books that mean a lot to me.

Ok, I'm taking far to long to answer this question.

Harry Potter - the entire series which is five books right there, but that's a cheap skate way out. So I won't go there. Anyway, this series is brilliant and fantastic and best of all, its a clean series with no sex or language and an old fashioned black and white view of Good Vs Evil. And I'm a sucker for fantasy. There is a reason why Harry Potter is such a big seller.

Calvin and Hobbes, though I'm not sure how much these guys count, but they are a great comic strip that often poses questions and otherwise a highly entertaining read. I want to get this book. But I'm going to wait until I get home to get it. Because if I buy it here, I'll have to ship a thirty pound book home and that's just not smart.

To cover the classics, 'cause I want to get a variety of books on this thing, I'll include To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee, which is an excellent book that I was subjected to during High School that I didn't mind reading. I guess I could also include the watered down version of Beowulf that I read in Jr High as well. I've read so many different versions of Beowulf since then that I don't know which version is the true correct version anymore however.

For that matter, Flowers for Algernon. Excellent read. For some reason, I always liked that short story, but it doesn't really count because its a short story, not a book. But now I'm just rambling.

At great risk of revealing my religious beliefs, I need to include The BoM, mainly because of course anybody's system of beliefs whether it be how they were raised or something they have discovered for themselves is highly influential to them, and although I have often been flaggering in the past in regards to my spirituality, I still cling to my basic tenents of faith. Yes, its important to me, and in a way that I prefer not to go about talking about it in a place on my blog under normal circumstances. Last thing I want to do is incite a debate on religion in my Blog. I already had enough crap when I got into politics last year! And the BoM goes hand in hand with The Other Good Book. KJV is preferred read.

Last but certainly not least, I'll lump all of my writings into one category. Yes, my own stories mean a whole lot to me. You kind of get attached to your characters as I most certainly did. Sorry, there is no link, I don't have them available to the masses. But most of them are the size of a decent book. I won't say if they are good or not, that is up to me to decide and you to wonder about.

So, this is when I tag somebody else to do this thing too, huh? Um, Ok. Who reads my blog on a regular basis that won't mind answering a bunch of questions about books?

Oh, what the hell. Murray, you're up.

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