Today at Lunch

I sat down in the DFac and Nate sits down beside me shortly there after.

Nate: I got something to show you that is really hot!
Kami: Let me see.
Nate: *pulls out his M16 zeroing card, with all the little shot groups sitting in the center*
Kami: That is so sexy!
Nate: Look at my score card. *Pulls out his score card, with every target shot four times nice and cleanly in the center, save for one.*
Kami: What about that one? There are shots on the outside of the target.
Nate: Oh, I got him once. Besides, I needed a survivor to warn everybody else.

He said he would let me have them as a keepsake.

I have a great boyfriend.

More on my own experiences on the range to come.

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