Red vs Blue News

RvB Season 3 on DVD! It's mine, I tell you. MINE MINE MINE! (or will be when it gets here!)

Hopefully this will cure my RvB withdrawals until they start Season Four this summer.

I also got some Bumper Stickers, one of them is a Red Sticker that just says "Blue Sucks", as well as a Blue Sticker that simply says "Red Sucks". That can be taken in a couple of different ways. You have your classic Red Vs Blue Halo match-up, or you can take it to a political viewpoint.

Somebody already got my Blue one. So I still have the red "Blue Sucks" Sticker. Maybe I'll use that one on my car when I get home? But I'll have to put the RvB bumper sticker before people start taking it out of content. no wait, I think most people will probably take it out of content. Well, good thing it lines up with my political background, except for the fact that I'm from a Blue State and I like my State.

Oh, what the hell, I'm just rambling. Its just to pass the time until Season Four comes out I guess.

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