First a bit of good news. I'll likely be able to come home for Christmas. Tis a nice little surprise.

Second, my room is a disaster and I am in the process of moving a whole bunch of crap to a storage unit.

Third, Harry Potter Three came out on DVD today. I feel like buying it and vedging in front of a TV for a while.

Fourth, I'm getting sick of Politics already. What's more, I got well known in the Aftermath of the presidential election. How bizarre that is.

Fifth, trying my hand in Ebay by actually selling somethign I got from work for free. So far it's at $10.50. Not a bad profit (my sister's doing real well on Ebay these days, if I wasn't getting shipped off, I might try it more myself)

Sixth, I'm leaving behind a unit of people that don't have anything to do next drill, long story, and I have to plan out a training mission for them before I go. See, I got cross leveled from one unit to another and since there are people coming into my old unit (i was quite literally an army of one for a short time), I have to make sure that they are taken care of.

Seventh, with the weather acting like it has been recently, there's a good chance one of these area ski areas will be open on Thursday. Because Thursday is thanksgiving, and Saturday is family picture day, I have to resort to using Friday to Snowboard. Because there is a good chance I'll be able to come home for Christmas (but unfortunately I do not know how long that will be), so maybe I'll get two shots at the mountain.

Eighth, I'm going to try incorporating Icons into my blog. Again.

Ninth - Anybody know any good movies to recommend? The last movie I saw was the Incredibles, before that was probably Napoleon Dynamite. Though I admit I haven't been much of a movie watcher on account that I have a policy with entertainers. I like to be entertained by them, not bashed because of my political affiliations.

Tenth, Time to go hit some local thrift stores or the Army surplus and find a set of BDU's before I deploy. (Long story)

I feel like painting. . .

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