Tenative Schedule

I do these kinds of things a lot. They consist of Lists and Timelines.

This is about where I'm standing. D-day is the day I deploy.

Next three weeks is allotted to getting my affairs in order.
D-day - 15 : Last day of work.
D-day - 10 : last chance snowboarding (weather permitting).
D-day - 9 : Report to Fort Lawton.
D-day -2 : Drill, Make sure rear detachment is taken care of.
D-day : Report to Fort Lewis (tenative location)
D-day + 15 months : Come home.

Where I will be getting a car, signing up for school, and overall getting my affairs in order. I will also be going back to work with my current employer, most likely temporarily, until I get settled in.

Actually, I might just stick with my employer while I'm going to school. I like my job and I think it would work.

My To-Do list before I go:
  • Clean car and leave title with Parents.
  • organize and pack room.
  • Notorize rental agreement.
  • Buy a LapTop (necessary)
  • Secure PC, back up files, delete anything I don't want family members reading (private thoughts, etc)
  • Put Creature to Rest
  • Set up Military Blog (got it all planned out, it should look hella cool)
  • Set up bill paying services so I can make payments and manage finances while I'm away.
  • Think of Gift ideas for both Birthday and Christmas.
  • Create a packing list.
  • More to come

Yeah, should be interesting.

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