Clearing up Some Misconceptions

Alright, as of recently, I've gained a rather large readership (as to how many of those will stick around, only time will tell). A few of them are trolls that appear to be the type that lurk around website and post pointless comments from time to time, but that's beside the point.

The point is, upon first glance, this blog has created a few misconceptions about me. I thought I would clear that up.

1) I'm a Redneck that likes to kill things.

Ok, so my ancestry does take me back to Arkansas, that doesn't make me a redneck. I'm from a middle class family that lives in suburbia. Despite the fact that I do own a gun and am a member of the NRA, I have never actually killed anything with a gun. I use guns to go target shooting and have them around for self defense. I honestly, don't have the stomach for killing critters. But I'll eat them just the same.

I even tried to be a vegetarian at one time. Lasted a month. It's hard to do when you're family is full of rabid carnivores and your mom makes a kickass beef roast.

Besides, a better label to call me by is Geek.

2) I don't know how to spell Incoherent.

Ok, you sorta got me. It was at first a typo but I noticed that incoheRANT fit in nicely with the blog. It grew on me. I left it. So no, it is NOT a typo! That's the name of my blog.

3) I'm a new blogger that has only recently started.

Believe it or not, I've actually had this blog for three years now. The reason why the archives are not currently up are simple.

a) I've had this blog from before blogger recently updated their system and allowed individual pages for their free members.

b) it's always been on my own server.

c) One day when I was trying to upgrade all of my blog info and individually post to old blog posts, something fried while in FTP mode and suddenly all of my webspace was *poof!* gone.

d) I declared my previous blog a lost cause and decided to start of fresh. This might have been a good idea, I had some interesting things in my previous blog that were probably best left not to the eyes of the public (let me reiterate how much the name of this blog fits).

So, why have you never heard of me before now? Mostly because I write on this thing on again and off again. If you want proof, here is page ONE of my early blog. Sorry, comments didn't exist back then. And it's really rough (I didn't get photoshop until about eight months later). And the content was basically about absolutely Nothing! Pretty much what somebody writes about when they don't know what else to write about, and constantly reminds their readers that they don't know what they want to write about as well (that is always entertaining).

For a further treat, the second page. My humor can be seen a bit here, and if you can't tell, I wasn't a happy camper at the time.

Why didn't I get this kind of fan fare before? Well, one, because I didn't actively seek it, and two, I didn't have bad ass pictures of me wanting to kick some ass on my blog before. And Three, my updating habits were highly 'on again, off again'. And they were largely the kind of thing people wrote when they were bored.

It does have some archival links on that site, but sorry, they don't work. It's bad enough that I'm letting possible trolls in on my little secret that I'm not the greatest driver in the world in snow. And I learned the 'Car likes Oil' lesson the hard way.

4) The airborne wings in my sidebar mean I'm Airborne

That's a long story. My goal is to earn them. I do not have them yet. That little box to the side was a little reminder of my goal to go airborne when I went active duty military. My active duty plans have been thwarted by my current deployment to Kosovo, which I don't mind, because I wanted to deploy REALLY bad.

I'll keep on this site now that it has created a bit of a stir. I'm expecting it to largely die down here shortly, which is a welcome relief to tell you the truth, but I promise I'll keep it going as best as I can while I'm deployed.

Though when it comes to military matters, Foxholes and Dogtags will probably become a lot more lively (still working on it and getting it ready for when I leave!)

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