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He commented and posted to me, long before I got enormously popular. Thought I would return the favor.

Cartoon Nazi let's it out. And I have to say that I by in large agree with him. I don't mind democrats, or moderate liberals. Some of these irrational far left wingers really drive me nuts some times.

I don't know what I would have done if I were in that Marine's spot, but I have no sympathy for the man he killed. I kind of got a late wind on this due to the fact that I was on the road, but I've read many excellent posts in regards to it.

To a comment about the Marine in question specifically, I point you to Froggy Ruminations. You will not find a better in depth defense to the Marine's actions then you will here. From a former Navy SEAL who has my utmost respect, and brings with him a unique experience of the issues at hand. I can't add anything to this topic that he hasn't clarified enough.

I'm siding with the Marine

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