Example of a rambling

The hour approacheth, and my time is running short.

I've been doing a lot lately to simply prepare myself for deployment. Yesterday I finally met with my religious leaders to get myself spiritually prepared and on the right track going into a deployment. For one, I haven't been the spiritual strength I was in my past. So no, I wasn't one of those people who voted Bush because I'm from the religious right. I voted for Bush (the short answer) plain and simple because he was a better man for the job then Kerry. The prospect of Kerry being Commander in Chief was simply to scary for words.

But I'm running off topic here.

Today I will have to replace my Military ID with an Active Duty one, return some videos, shop for some old BDU's, and get some cushioning for my laptop accessories so they just don't dangle in the patch I got for them.

And of course, sleeping in while I still can. Truthfully, I hate to sleep in. Sleep is a necessary annoyance. It would be nice if you could just go on and on without any sleep, but my body caves in really quick. And did I mention that I'm not a morning person? Interesting Career field I chose, I must say.

You should have seen me in Basic. I was getting so delusional that several times I nearly slept walked. I didn't dare tell the Drill Sergeants for fear that I would be kicked out of the army. Scared the hell out of the fire guard once or twice. One time I was standing next to my bunk at the position of attention, asleep, becuase in my dream the Drill Sergeant made us do it.

Fortunately, I haven't had instances like that since.

Yeah, got a lot to do today. I better back away from the computer now.

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