Divided We Stand???

I've come across an amazing phenomenon that I had heard partly in passing but am suddenly seeing in full force.

The anger of the left. By people I know personally.

I have a lot of liberal friends. Usually I avoid talking politics (sometimes it doesn't work) and just kind of try to keep calm and rational around these friends of mine. Obviously we disagree. But most of the time, when you know somebody, you understand where they are coming from and leave it at that.

Well, today, I saw their spewing hatred. This is the people who preach diversity and understanding. Ok, I understand them and where they are coming from. The right usually understands the left and usually let's them go on their little temper tantrums and excercise their right to free speech.

The fact is, the left is the minority. The right now leads in the house, senate and executive branch. They were elected to those positions. Michael Moore didn't find any disenfranchisement at the polls. This was a clean election with an exceptional turnout and Bush won.

The left is now in denial, thinking that it wasn't close enough. In fact, there are people who I know personally that are thinking "half of america doesn't want Bush."

It looks like half of america didn't want Kerry either.

They are threatening to leave the country.

Leave then. Leave America to us and good luck finding another country that is better.

There are a few liberals that are being dignified and accepting the defeat of Kerry with grace and understanding, knowing that we have to do something to once again unify this country. But there are a lot that are saying that there is no way Bush would be their president.

The Division is happening on the left. And they are not going to give up what they consider to be their fight. They preach hatred about the right, and I heavily doubt that they truely understand the right. The left are proving to be some of the most intolerant, hate filled group of people I have seen. If you disagree with them, they will call you names.

It sounds like I may have been guilty of this if it had gone the other way. Actually, for the most part, I was just nervous. Greatly troubled at the possibility of a Kerry Election.

Well, I guess now that its over, my Falling Sky Insurance Premiums will go down. But I don't think I would have resorted to seething hatred if Kerry had won and Bush had lost. In fact, I was almost expecting it and coming to grips with the possibility. I think I would have been quiet and thoughtful for a few days, and then I would have looked at my life and tried to figure out which direction I would go. Truth is, this election had a lot of impact on me personally and whether I would continue with the military. Under Kerry, I would have given it the rest of my year and see how well he would command the troops before bailing. With Bush, well, I'll continue to proudly serve.

I hope the nation can quickly get over this.

Note - Part of this was written on the 3rd and left in draft form; the change of tone toward the end was written and everything posted on the 4th.

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