Sorry Everybody, continued. . .

I've been following the Sorry Everybody Site again, and I can't help but laugh my ass off. But perhaps I should explain where I'm coming from and how I feel about these people.

1) They lost the election due to the fact that the candidate running against Bush was a lousy candidate that had neither a message or an agenda. That, and his senate record was pathetic. Most of their votes obviously, by their rhetoric, was a vote against Bush. They were so caught up in trying to oust Bush, getting caught up in their own hatred and the talking points of the left (and they call us Sheep) that they could only see their side. They don't take the time to see the other. Their first instinct is to attack people who disagree with their 'intellectual superiority', and that makes them bigoted.

2) Although this was continually broadcasted on the news as being an extremely close race and the fact that Bush was generally ahead in the polls on most occasions up until the very end of the election, they still acted shocked at the results, proving once again that a lot of people don't live in the real world and are only caught up in their fantasies. There's a little saying, hope for the best, prepare for the worst. If Bush was their worst nightmare, they sure weren't preparing for it.

3) I've surfed that website quite a bit and found a few pictures posted multiple times. I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if 10% of the pictures on that website are posted at least twice.

4) Why are these people apologizing for their vote? Why do they claim that they are intellectually superior to all republicans and continually lump voters in one broad group, that every kerry voter agrees with them and all bush supporters worthless, blind and complete idiots? These are literally the people that preach tolerance. I don't see it from them.

So, anyway, here is a tutorial to all of those sorry liberals who feel the need to apologize on behalf of the nation, here are some dos, but mostly don'ts, on how to go about doing this adequately and refrain from getting the conservatives from jumping on your ass and ripping you a new one.

(some of these can go for the We're Not Sorry crowd as well)

1) Keep You Children Out of It.
You can post a picture of your kid holding a sign baring your thoughts, as long as it is obvious that those are your thoughts and not supposedly some sign from the kid. Kids don't know any better. In fact, if you want to discuss ignorance and sheep, kids generally are swayed in the same direction as their parents. Kids are innocent. They truely don't know better. Claiming that they do doesn't make it any different.

Same goes for Pets.

2) Make yourself look halfway decent.
If you come across looking like a total fat slob, the other side will rip into you faster then you can say "I was born like this".

To Conservatives, ENOUGH with the Glamour Shots from the 80s. I'm going to have to side with the libs on this one. You might as well take a digital camera and take a picture holding up a hand drawn sign, people will take you a lot more seriously. Believe me on this one, I have your best interests in mind, Glamour Shots look CHEESY!!!

3) If you are going to photoshop words into the picture, make them half way legible.

And Avoid using Red Font. Red Font is the devil, you can't read it and it looks like bloody hell.

On further news, avoid using generic pictures and photoshopping words onto them. What is going to say that you yanked this photo off the internet and posted words to it?

4) Your message should speak for yourself and yourself only. Stop speaking for the other percentage of americans that voted the same as you did. Everyone votes for different reasons and not everyone agrees with you.

That goes for blue and red states, too.

5) That said, stop bashing the other side and calling them idiots and morons and close minded and whatever else. This goes in hand with 4. People vote for different reasons, they don't coincide with you. If you bash them becuase they believe differently then you, this makes YOU the bigot, not them.

6) if you are going to make a handwritten sign, make them legible and easy to read.

7) If you are going to take a famous quote to make your point, do realize that there are a dozen more quotes that we can use to refute yours.

8) Using the clout of the celebrities as a reason to vote a certain way is not a particularly swaying device. For several reasons, a) celebrities generally fall into the 1% of the population that libs despise. b) celebrities generally don't understand middle america for that very reason. c) Celebrities are expressing their opinions on issues, they have a right to speak, but they do not have the right to be heard any more then you do. d) Celebrities are paid to entertain. If you look at the activists, most of them have very little schooling. The ones that do tend to have enough sense to keep their moutsh shut.

9) Show your face, or at least part of your face. You come across as a chicken if you aren't willing to put your money where your mouth is.

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