Lately. . .

I do admit, I've gotten pretty thick skinned over the last few years. This is probably a good thing, becuase I never had to worry about the kind of exposure I have had recently. But unfortunately, that is the major thing I've had to write about. So I've been surfing the net seeing where all these links to me lead.

So far, i've been blogrolled on about a dozen blogs, commented on in the comment sections of a few dozen more, been bashed on somebody's livejournal and successfully shut her down (I bet she has a lot of nice things to say about conservatives now), and mentioned on the DU. I'm so proud!

Well, this and packing my room and when my work calls me, I work. Eh. . .

Now it looks like since I have so much Crap, I'm going to have to rent a storage unit. A closet sized one oughta work. I can cram pack that thing full of boxes and just leave it.

Meanwhile, the army successfully taken care of my free time and now instead of having four days off in a row next week, I get the pleasure of driving to Seattle and working, mostly finding out what the logistics, timeline, and any unanswered questions are. This thing is coming up on me a lot quicker then I originally expected. I might still get the option of snowboarding, if whether permits.

As for my usual ramblings on Current Events and politics, eh, that'll have to wait.

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