Election Eve

Finally got my copy of Stolen Honor in the mail. I ordered it after I heard that Sinclair wasn't going to broadcast it, only to discover that I could have viewed it online for free. And then, of course, PAX began to air it.

That's ok, I don't think my money could have gone to a more worthy cause.

This election is horribly close. With so many people caught up in the lies of the left and Michael Moore (of which much of his movies are either refutted or one man's opinion, and to many people are viewing it as the truth), how can anyone ignore the words of the Swift Vets?

I've read Unfit for Command and now seen Stolen Honor. Anybody trying to refute these are easily dismissable. The SwiftVets have already brought out the truth of the No Man Left Behind story spun at the DNC as a symbol of Kerry's bravery, as well as the Christmas in Cambodia lie (which is a pretty big lie) Most people who don't understand the signifigance of these acts brush them off. Many people have looked at the SwiftVets and see that they've been rebutted by military records.

The only thing that will truly rebutt their words is a complete release of John Kerry's military records. He is hiding something, or he would have quieted this mess a long time ago by releasing his records to the public.

How can people look at this man and wish to elect him as President of the United States? I can think of no man who is less qualified to serve in that capacity. This man is a traitor. He is an enemy to the military, and I cannot see myself serving with him as commander in Chief.

I know that I will be one of many who will not be reenlisting in the military if this man is elected. History speaks for itself, Kerry can spew whatever lies he wishes to and it will not change the fact that actions speak louder then words. I will begrudgingly serve my remaining year in the military.

Bush has his faults, and he is not perfect. There are things he has done that I don't approve of. But I can respect him as a man.

I cannot say the same about John Kerry. And it makes me sick to my stomach to think that this man, this traitor to the military, this treasonous, selfish, egotistical politician, could be my commander in chief.

I see dark days ahead if he is elected to the highest position in the country.

I can only pray that if he is elected, I am wrong. Or Bush will win another term and I can breath easy once again.

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