Got my first Troll!

You know you're doing something right when a Troll takes the time to bash you on your own website. I won't bother erasing their message, it's rather flattering.

Typical Liberal Slander from the left-wing whiners. He's appropriately named Beavis. I would give you his email but I have a suspicion that it isn't really his.

Honestly, what do people expect to gain by going to opposing websites and posting stupid remarks? His remarks, ver batum.

"Are you from Columbine? You look like you might be Dylan whats-his-name's ex girlfriend. Pretty sickening display of self deprication."

"Umm, did you kill any of your classmates recently? Reese Witherspoon meets Dylan Kliebold and the other freak who was his lover. You are such a freak!"

"BTW, I sent your website to the Justice Dept. American Terrorists like you should be watched closely."

Why to these assholes even bother? Where does this get anybody anywhere? Come here, attack me becuase I happened to pose with a M203 during a military training excercise and suddenly I'm in league with a school killing massacre from five years ago, because I happen to be in the military and know how to use a gun.

And I don't know what the heck the Justice Department will do to my website, I haven't broken any laws or threatened anybody's life. All talk, no action. This shows your mentality, Beavis. It's non-existent.

But I won't deny that I'm a freak. I'll take that as a compliment.

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