Readers Contributions

Because my 'Merchandising' link is getting a bit backlogged, I thought I should link this, more photoshopping from fellow bloggers, courtesy of It Comes In Pints.

And of course, Cadet Happy made one just for me on his site (one of my first linkers in fact, I love his photoshop stuff, very funny, especially during the election hay-day!)

I also have this one, which is awesome! Unfortunately, I saw it, I saved it to my hard drive, and when it comes to posting it, I don't remember who to credit! Ack! Help me! I know you're out there somewhere, comment to me and take credit, because this is fantastic!

(anybody else have any examples of photoshopped images, please forward them to me. I really do get a kick out of them!)

UPDATE - The saddam shot was done by Tynan Sylvester, however I wasn't given a website to credit. Thanks for getting back to me.

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