It's Thanksgiving

Yes, it is that day where we all come together with our family, plop onto an extra large table, and eat a bit fat turkey (and otherwise gorge ourselves).

I'm fortunate to have my entire family here this week, which is saying something. I've got a large family and we don't always get to see one another (and I will be the missing person for a while)

Plus, there's a possibility I may be able to go to Lookout Pass, which is the only ski resort within driving distance that has a chance of being open before i go. But I still got a lot to do and tomorrow is the only day I can go snowboarding.

So a part of me hopes it will open tomorrow, and a part of me hopes I don't have the excuse of going. I'm borderline here, I really want to go but I really do have a lot I have to do and going would be kind of irresponsible.

That, and I'm a huge procrastinator and I brush things off to last minute over and over and over again.

Anyway, it is the holidays, and I really should be with my family. Today will henceforth be quiet, and unfortunately, my blog will be getting quieter as well.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I for one have much to be thankful for. (maybe later I'll post something to that affect.

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