Livejournal Slamming

note - date has been adjusted

So I've been getting a bit more links then I'm used to. Fancy that.

Then there's this girl on LiveJournal who basically reams out anybody who disagrees with her and calls all Bush supporters idiots. Ok, whatever.

Then she has the nerve to post a link to my blog, basically, in kind, to call me an idiot for voting Bush. (if you can't tell, the picture is sort of a joke)

Ok, whatever, so I reply to her and defend my position.

What does she do? She leaves the post up, but deletes my reply. Then blocks me from further replying, despite the fact that she is linking directly to my Blog.

I got to do something about this. But what can I do?

I've got one idea. I'll link my reply directly to the post she has linked and then maybe she'll change her mind? I'll remove the comment (and this post) when she does.

(what I attempted to reply to her after she deleted my 'offending' post, which, unfortunately, I did not save)

I repeat, you're a bigot.

And not only that, you're a bigot that believes in censorship. I would have left you well enough alone, but when you deleted my reply, which was my defense on a blatant attack on me (by the fact that you posted a direct link to my blog and calling me an idiot becuase i have the nerve to disagree with you), I took personal offense.

Meanwhile, everyone who clicks on that link will now get a taste of what I think of you.

Have a nice day.

UPDATE - I don't know if she removed the link, but we certainly shut her down. Now only her friends can read and comment to her journal. I am now currently watching this chick to make sure the link to me has been removed.

See, I found her through my referrer system. I can make sure she's still not linking to me. That's not very hard for me to do.

If anybody ever personally bashes me, I only ask for the option to defend myself and I will then leave you alone. But if you try to silence me, I only get louder. And Nastier. . .

I'm usually not one to hold grudges believe it or not. This girl went to far.

Update I thought she left well enough alone, but turns out she didn't. New and improved bitchfest can be found here

Her brother is in Afgahnistan. Everyone show your support by emailing her! (since she has canceled out any other way of responding to her, the coward)

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