Merchandising, Continued. . .

So, the merchandising continued. Apparently some people were serious about this thing, so I looked at some images that I could use, taking this from a photo I took with a digital camera. There was some resolution issues, and I was trying things with photoshop and getting the picture to work out ok. Needless to say, this can be harder then it looks.

For those of you wanting to get something, I've set up a cafepress shop and tried to put some stuff on that (the resolution needs to be higher then I have for a decent poster, apparently, I need to brush up on my photoshop)

How many of you are interested in this? No, seriously? I'm not sure if people are serious or half joking.

I'll put some ideas up on the CafePress shop and let you scroll through them. You can be the judge. Let me know if there is anything else you might want through them. And if you know of a better shop to sponsor it through, please let me know as well. I don't want to rip you guys off.

UPDATE - Ok, this is kind of lame. Apparently I can only do one image with each item at a time. So if I wanted to make five posters with five different images, I'm outaluck.

Ok, asking anybody who might know of a better source for merchandising.

ANOTHER UPDATE - Alright, I'm looking at other options, mainly due to the fact that Cafepress really is kind of expensive. Though I don't want to give any far lefters extra ammo. Still looking for ideas. Anybody?

UPDATING CUBED - Somebody brought up a good point, and in fact, it was the major point of me not really wanting to do this in the first place. This is a topic that will not really make a difference in a year or two. It's caught up in the here and now. That's why I always joked about merchandising in the first place. I was certain people were joking about it.

Maybe I should just make up some images and protect them on a server, and the people who want them can email me for the password or something, that way I know it's not just going anywhere and I can control the datafiletransfer thingee that is killing me.

MORE FUN WITH UPDATES!!! - Ok, so somebody suggested that I go to Exposure Manager for my merchandising, unfortunately they don't offer posters but they offer pictures just the same. I shall direct you to the gallery, this is about all I could upload at this time at no cost to me. I chose a few of the more commented sayings and am now leaving them for you to do as you wish. You can order them or whatever. I also left an unedited version of the picture if you wanted to, I just removed the hose because the hose distracts.

Still free to comment as you want to. If you think I should do anything differently, I'm listening! (not doing a lot of replying anymore, but still listening!)

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