Trolling The DU

I've got to say, I've never had such a laugh in my life. These people are pathetic.

And what's more, they had a post about the We're Not Sorry crowd, basically the libs were all offended because the Sorry Everybody Crowd is a bunch of pathetic whiney losers and conservatives had the nerve to rebute them.

They commented on me specifically about a half dozen times and posted my picture, as well as commented indirectly. Man, this whole spiel makes me laugh so hard! I wanted to post a reply telling them that I had a good laugh and also confirm that despite popular belief, I really am in the military, I hold the rank of Sergeant and I know how to use that weapon I'm holding. That weapon also belongs to the military. But I guess I could show them my Ak-47.

And my reply to you out of your mind Libs, How does one get through to you bigots???

What they said, about me specifically

"Tell the barely pubescent girl in the fatigues that she looks like an idiot, certainly not tough or intimidating" - Union Thug

"This is fucking GREAT! Is this real or is it a joke? I mean, Come on! This has got to be a joke... It's Reese Witherspoon as Rambo." - Skinner

"I was thinking that too, Skinner! Now if I could only think of a godo line from "Legally Blonde"..." - fudge stripe cookays

"Maybe I'm losing my mind...
...but I'm getting a hard-on looking at that pic of the girl with the big gun." - Fighting Irish

"These are freaks and ugly ones at that. That female thing in fatigues is just gross!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it Ann Coulter's sister?" - Maestro

"They pose with their guns? What is that all about? And that disgusting girl with that gun that weighs more than she does, she is just downright stupid looking" - Maestro

"This one is a bit scary.... Wasn't she in Terminator 3?" - Rinsd

" Looks like some major penis envy here." - Crunchyfrog

"Oh, I'd make her feel sorry in the morning. If not sorry, walking funny." - DS1

"the new face of fascism- chicks with assault rifles. yes, DU ladies, I know- i called her a 'chick'. i think she deserves that, at the very most" - Upsidedownflag

"she's kinda hot. if she wasn't straight and I wasn't hitched.....
something about scary girls in camo with big mean guns..." - puttothesword

I don't think I laughed this hard in a long time. These people are so freaking close-minded and pathetic! My picture basically insists that I'm not sorry for my vote. I'm not bashing the left for voting the way they do, I only bash them if they take a bigoted approach by calling everyone who voted differently from them idiots (and there are a lot of people on that sorry everybody that take that stance, maybe I'll start commenting on more again).

Bigot must be my new favorite word.

That "we're not sorry" thread at Democratic Underground can be found here. Shows the lame ass side of some of the libs. However, I do admit that some people on the Not Sorry site didn't do themselves many favors, and set them up much like the Sorry Everybody crowd did. But I stand by my post. And in fact, I'm proud that I made Democratic Underground! I think I'll troll there more often!

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