I've had several people come to my site asking for my Poster.

I don't have a poster. Somebody mentioned that I should make one.

Besides, the air hose attached to the M203 needs to come off, I'd have to get on photoshop and do something about that. Otherwise, well, hmm. . . maybe I should look into that?

UPDATE Ok, so I'm trying to work out this poster idea, but I've run into two problems.
First, I took a picture with an M203 that is specifically used for similation purposes and has a big fat hose hanging off of it.

You can't ignore that. So I photoshopped it off.

Ok, that works alright. But secondly, well, the photo is taken in a middle of a classroom! There's a table and some chairs in the background (well, the grenade display is pretty hoorah), but still, when you're thinking of army and bad ass rifles with grenade launchers attached to them, you're thinking of wide open spaces and charlie in the distance, not a bloody classroom!

That left the options fairly open.

How about smack dab in the middle of the desert?

Or plant myself in the middle of a Washington Rainforest? (well, fort lewis really does kind of look like this)

Or maybe post in front of one of my beloved Hummers.

Or, perhaps at a Gun Show?

HOw about a field of poppies?

or I could be cliche' and superimpose myself in front of a flag.

Eh, the options are a bit endless. I guess I could go about trying to perfect my photo shopping skills and make one that is pretty high-speed, but I'm not sure if I'm up to it.

I guess my best option is to just blanket the background and post obscene messages. Hehe, requests are open! The following are rather tame.

And of course.

***the quote, "Good, Bad, I'm the Guy with the gun," is off of Army of Darkness, in case you were wondering, I slightly altered it becuase I'm not a guy.***

Eh, maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead and the idea is still fresh? Last thing I wanna do is grind it into everybody's head.

I personally like my LJ icon.

Meanwhile, more chicks in uniform (being me) and weapons. . .
  • Private E in the middle of Basic Training. I was a color guard, and therefore, I had a 'rifle'. This picture is kind of funny.
  • Same place as aboves only in Class A's.
  • Color Guard, during the brief period I was a ROTC Nazi.
  • On the Range, still a private.
  • Still in Uniform, different kind of projectile.
  • Full Battle Rattle
  • Itz a hummer, but I was a private so I didn't know better.
  • Anti Tank, much different in projectile. And this picture was taken at the same time as my now infamous one. I'm making roughly the same 'face', but at a different angle and I look on the verge of cracking into a laugh.
  • I still like the SAW. The SAW in Simulation was very very fun.
  • Whoops. No weapons, but rather funny regardless.

There you go. Enjoy.

Update - More superimposing ideas from my brother. This should be fun.

Me in front of a Mushroom Cloud.

Me on a swiftboat!

Me playing Halo!

(if I don't watch it, I'll run this into the ground!)

Update Some of my Readers are doing their own photoshopping. Courtesy of Aaron

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