Keeping to the Topic of Guns

Somebody pointed this out to me, apparently somebody decided to jump on a messageboard about guns and post a response against the 'fifth ammendment', mistaking it for the Second Ammendment, and confusing the American Definition of the 'right to bear arms' as a coat of arms instead of Firearms.

I don't need to tell you that he's not American.
"How come you are all so illeterate and ignorant aboput your own laws? As far as I am aware the 5th ammendment does not say "You have the right to bear weapons"....It says "You have the right to bear arms"."

The "Right to bear arms" means you have the right to bear a heraldic device (i.e. a coat of arms) into the field of battle.

Ok, dude, if you are going to call us 'illeterate', maybe you should take a moment to spell check your message before berating us on our intelligence.

Highly entertaining, I recommend you read on. Just 'don't feed the trolls'.

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