My Mission

I'm beginning to like this Kosovo thing more and more.

So apparently, I'll be on orders for a year, and I should have an opportunity to see some of the surrounding countries while I'm there. I'll be taking advantage of that. Most specifically, Greece and Germany. Apparently I'll have the opportunity to brush up on my german and learn a bit of the language from the surrounding areas as well. I'll be jumping on that.

Here's a little info from the net about Task Force Falcon.

My orders so far. George W. Bush is my commander in chief. Other then that, don't mention him. Don't discuss politics or religion. And absolutely do not utter the words 'Tito'. My mission will be US Troops. Take care of them. We will offer our services to the Multinational forces if they want our assitance, but mostly, I will be on hand to take care of the Troop needs and make sure they are healthy and fit to do their part, which means preventing them from getting sick in the first place. And when I get approached by brass looking for a few warm bodies to pull guard duty, I am to utter the words "i'm on a mission."

If I'm lucky, I'll spend christmas at home. If things go as planned, I'll be in country in less then two months.

I need to get that passport really soon.

This is going really fast. I've got less then two weeks at home getting my affairs in order.

And if weather cooperates, I've only got two days to get my snowboarding fix in (if you think I'm bad with Guns, you should hear me in the dead of winter drone on and on about boarding!) I'm just crossing my fingers and watching the respective ski area's websites! (year round whistler's out of the question, being in Canada, and I've been heavily warned about attempting to cross the border at this time)

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