Back from the West Side, and now i've been given the task of setting my affairs in order for the next week and a half.

An interesting thing happened when I was in Seattle, though. I was getting gas at a gas station and while I was walking back to my car to leave, a guy asked me for my number. I kind of brushed him off and then he asked me why I wasn't friendly. I then told him I wasn't from around there. He then got insistent and said he had a car, heck, he had three of them (thanks for the info, obviously you are attempting to impress me by bragging). He must have thought I meant Tacoma or somewhere within 50 miles away (i live 300 miles, dude, and I don't know you). Then he asked why I wasn't friendly. DUDE, becuase you are asking me for my number at a GAS STATION in the middle of the SLUMS!!! I only stopped there becuase the gas was cheap. Then I told him that I was in the army and I was deploying. Then he wondered why we couldn't be friends. Dude, I just MET you! I already know your first thought is to jump into my pants.

Let me also remind you, I was wearing a hoody and looked like HELL, as I had been traveling for the last few days. YOu never look good when your traveling. I just wanted to find the troll in Seattle and leave. AARGH!

Finally, I just said, "Dude, I gotta go" and I took off. I'm not the type to give strangers phone numbers. I've done it once or twice, but have thought better of it since.

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