Can someone please tell me how somebody can pay for a recount in two democratic counties and ignore the rest of the state?

This looks like the Democrats are buying the election or something eerily close to it.

The Washington Governor's race is down to 42 votes between them (in other words, it's CLOSE). Rossi, the republican, is ahead.

Gregoire, the democrat, is demanding a recount. But only in King and Pierce county. Because they are paying for the recount, they apparently get to choose where they are going to recount the votes.

If they are going to have a recount (again), shouldn't it be in EVERY COUNTY???

Isn't that the point of the phrase 'every vote counts'? Or is it being twisted to 'every vote for my party counts, so we need to simply count in predominantly liberal counties'?

This thing is awfully fishy, Gregoire is just going to finagle it until she gets a win isn't she?

Um, I'm going to check back up on this and see how accurate this story is, so nobody quote me on it. My source is my parents who heard it on the news. According to the latest recount, Rossi is governor. By 42 votes.

How great it would be for another Blue State to have a republican governor. (cross fingers and hope Rossi still keeps the lead)

Update - So, it does appear that the democrats can ask for a recount in specific counties, which they have to pay for, but if their recount produces a possible win, then the entire state must be recounted.

The status of the Washington Gubernatorial race? Two Counts, both won by Dino Rossi. Yes they were close, but I must contest. Doesn't this appear that Christine Gregoire is digging for votes? **yes, yes it does!**

She isn't going to stop until she wins. I hope she gets her hand recount, she loses, and the democrats get to pay for our trouble.

Referenced from King 5 News (yes, unfortunately you do need to register)

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