My Contempt for the "Sorry's"

I think this subject has been driven into a well enough already, but becuase in the last couple weeks this has been a rather large theme on my website, I thought I would endulge further.

First and foremost, Sorry Everybody.com is a free speech forum. These people have every right to publically state their disagreement with this country (with an exception of those in uniform, but that's another post). However, free speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of your speech. Those people chose to place their pictures on a public forum. I have the freedom to turn around and diss those pictures and publically berate them. Some of them are honest people who are just looking for a forum to vent their frustration, but I think they are by and large stupid and unamerican. And I'll tell you why.

I have a problem with people calling other people idiots, morons and close minded becuase these people happened to choose to use their freedom to disagree with them and voted for Bush. I said this before, I'll say it again. That is blatant bigotry. It is unamerican to try to suppress a person's right to vote. There's a lot of people on that page that publically state that the terrorists should bomb the red states. People pleading for the terrorists not to bomb their own county that's in a red state.

The Stranger, a Seattle Zine, posted this editorial in their magazine, and the people who are in this mindset are complete and utterly backward in their thinking. You have got to be kidding me!


I'm sorry. You were right. We deserve to be blown up.

After last Tuesday, well... what can I say? You had us pegged dead-on the first time--although I was in denial and refused to believe it up until now. We as a nation obviously ARE a bunch of mindless sheep, grown fat with consumerism and easily led down the primrose path into corruption. After what happened November 2, there's just no denying it anymore. I'm ashamed that I was so blind for so long.

After 60 percent of eligible voters turned out and 51 percent of those voted for Bush, I can't do anything but concede your point: There are no innocents left in America. We've brought this on ourselves. Go ahead and do your worst. We've got it coming--in a big way. All I ask is this: Give New York a break, okay? And leave New England, California, and the rest of the West Coast out of it as well. We're on your side already! Please, stay focused and plan your next attack against the real enemy: those "red states" in the middle of the map. Fly a Cessna into the stands of a NASCAR rally. Put a suicide bomber on the Arch in St. Louis. Drive a truck-bomb into the Grand Ole Opry. Release anthrax at an Astros game. It's all good! They've got it coming. I'm just sorry it took me so long to figure out how very right you were. Can you ever forgive me?

This editorial, I don't care how satirical it is, is hateful, meanspirited and downright treasonous. These people are doing nothing to help the fact that this nation has been torn assunder by this election (again) and I for one don't feel that it is my responsibility to give a helping hand in bringing them into the fold again.

If they don't love this country and all they can do is plead with the enemy and show how much they hate those red staters, I say they can go to hell for all I care.

Another Note - I also think that these people who write in to Sorry Everybody who are speaking for 48% should stop it all ready. You don't speak for anybody but yourself. I don't think many of those that voted for Kerry agree with them. There are plenty of Kerry Voters that still love and honor this nation and while not thrilled with Bush are willing to go that extra step to make America the great nation that it is. They are not pleading with Osama and making idol comments of hate toward those that disagree with them. If you are a Kerry Voter that matches this description, I have no contetion with you and respect your opinion and your right to disagree with me. If you are a Kerry Voter that matches the former description, I'll help you pack so you can get your stinking ass out of this country.

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