Something just happened that I've never seen before.

My Blog Session expired. I had written something, and since it expired while I was surfing and doing other things, my post was erased.

When did Blogger start doing this crap? That's frustrating.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm driving to Seattle and finding out all about my pending Deployment (I say pending, because the army has given me orders and revoked them before). I won't be online for about three days or so, give or take. What's more, it's the five year anniversary of my swearing in.

Meanwhile, since I'll be away for about three days, I'll leave this thread kind of open for miscellanious comments. I've been around under the same alias for about 5 years but have only recently been realatively 'heavily' noticed (at least, for me). Some people have mentioned that I should have a cafepress shop or something. I'm open to ideas.

Also, I thought I would leave a post up demonstrating a strange phenonemon with women and their hair. See, once I went to South America and in order to blend in, I dyed my hair Burnette. It didn't work. When I lived with my sister, she was constantly trying to talk me into trying to go red haired. Eventually, I caved in.

So, I've been a blonde (most of my life), a burnette, and a redhead. I don't really pull off the burnette to well, becuase I'm swedish and the dark hair just accentuates my already pale skin, but I can surprisingly look like a natural redhead. However, I'm low maintenance and red is difficult to maintain. Hmm. . .

Meanwhile, somebody asked about my Ak. Here's a picture. I named it Chuck, because it chucks rounds without a glitch.

Maybe that'll give you enough of a risawn fix until I get back from hum-drum army briefings. I'll take a camera.

Update Wombat mentioned this. So here's a picture of me aiming it.

That's not a great picture really. I don't like the angle. But how about these?

Plinking is a family sport around my house.

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