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I've been following the Polls for some time now, and I can honestly say that I can breath easier then I have in a long time. My gut feeling was wrong. Bush will carry on for four more years.

We just have to wait for New Jersey, Iowa and Ohio to be firmly placed in his column, at least, according to C-SPAN, the no spin political network.

All the major networds are refusing to call Nevada to Bush, thus giving Bush the undecided victory.

I think Kerry should pull his head out of his ass and concede. And this is my reasoning.

Bush has the popular vote by a substantial margin. In 2000, Gore contested Florida, and he had the right to contest Florida as he had the popular vote and Florida was to close to call.

In 2000, Gore only carried the popular vote by a fraction of a percent. We're talking in the Five Hundred Thousands nationwide. Bush has the popular vote in 2004 by over 3 million, 3 points. He also has the clear majority of 51% of the total vote. This is not a replay of 2000, this is a substantial margin of victory.

The results of the 2000 election clearly polarized this nation, and it would have been polarized had it gone to Gore or Bush. If Kerry wants to stop being selfish and help the nation heal the partison political wounds, he would graciously concede. However, I feel that it is against Kerry's nature to do that.

If Kerry drags this out, it will only make things worse.

Ohio is ahead in Bush's column by 136,000. This is not the 500 or so electorial votes of Florida Race 2000. This is 2 percentage points with '100%' of prencincts reporting by C-SPAN (the no spin network). The chances of Kerry pulling a victory here are substantially minute. Every one of the provincial ballots would have to be counted and they would ALL have to go to him 100%. Not going to happen. Sorry.

New Jersey and Iowa, apparently to close to call, but I would say that these are going Bush as well. That gives him 286 Electoral Votes. He's got the Popular Vote by a wide percent. Let's face it, Bush won.

Maybe the democrats would have done better if they had managed to pull out a better candidate. Or at least one that stood by what they believed, I could have respect for the man in that case. Instead, I feel that most people who were voting for Kerry were voting the 'Anybody But Bush' route, they were voting against George Bush, they weren't voting for John Kerry. And that is why they lost. All of my liberal friends are lamenting as if this is the end of the world and I actually kind of want to slap them. If Kerry would have won (as I was actually expecting him to), I would have conceded gracefully and actually was offering to give him the benefit of the doubt and support him as president.

If he continues this little fiasco, however, I'm sorry, I have no support to give. Because what very little respect I had for the man before (which really was next to none) is now lost by this strike at blatant skewering of the voice of the american people.

I think the democrats want it so bad, especially in the electoral college to smite the republicans for 'stealing' the election in 2000 when Gore had the popular vote (though not by much), that they want to ram it in your face that if they are some how able to steal the electoral vote despite the lack of the popular vote, that the tables would be turned and now they can show the conservatives how it really feels.

This is blatantly shelfish and quite possibly having a huge potential to backfire BADLY. And this talk of trying to bring the nation together? Well, if Kerry really cared about the nation, he would admit that this is an obvious defeat and concede, in turn offering President Bush his support.

Kind of like Nethercutt did to Senator Murray here in Washington. He was gracious, he conceded and he offered Murray his full support. I voted for Nethercutt, I'm sorry to see that he did not win, but you know what? Life goes on. You win some, you lose some. Patty Murray will represent the State of Washington for another 6 years. I think I'll still live.

Sometimes, for the good of the nation, it is best to admit defeat and carry on. There are more battles to be won.

Update - Looks like Kerry is going to concede. Good for you, man, and thank you for seeing the light of day. Now you can help heal our nation by telling your supporters to support the president.

The Liberal Blogs are actually rather hilarious, the Here's a snibbet of a comment left on the Kerry/Edwards blog.

"I cannot believe that this country would elect a war criminal."

The irony is astounding. Liberals view Bush as a War Criminal. Funny, Conservatives look at Kerry and think the same thing. And what's more, John Kerry is a self admitted War Criminal.

I'll be watching the news here at 10AM PST to watch Kerry's concession speech and Bush's victory speech. This is the chance for Kerry to redeem himself. Let's see how it goes?

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